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College Audition

Make A Good First Impression

Basic Package:

  • Pro Quality for College Auditions
  • 10 Copies of CD-R Master
  • MP3 Hosting
  • Takes as little as half an hour
  • + Add-ons (see below)


For most music program applications, a prerecorded audition CD is a required part of the application. For other college applications, you can show off your musical talent with a supplimental audio CD.

Either way, you can make a good impression right from the start with crisp, clear professional recording.

It usually takes 45 - 90 min to record a college audition CD. The package covers up to 3 hours of studio time (including Mix/CD creation).


  • MP3 Hosting

Mp3 Hosting
A dedicated folder of makes it easy to share your music with friends, family and fans. Simply send and/or post a link to your folder for access to all your material, or use links to specific songs if you don't want to give all your material away.


Check Out Our Payment Options.

Basic College Audition$100
Mp3 HostingFree!

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Vincent DePierro - (631) 560 - 7379


Check out the Downloads page, for examples of our work.

MP3 Hosting

MP3 Hosting is ideal for sharing your music with friends, family, and fans.

Just paste a simple link on your myspace, website, or directly into an e-mail.