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Album Package

Record your Album, then get it Listed on iTunes

Basic Package:

  • Full Length Album (8 tracks)
  • Artwork & Photography
  • iTunes Listing
  • Custom Myspace Design
  • MP3 Hosting
  • + Add-ons (see below)


It takes about a week to finish a Full Length Album; 6 days, 8 hours/day (48 hours of studio time), but the package includes up to 60 hours of studio time, including 1-2 hours per song for mixdown. If the project takes longer than 60 hours, then the additional time will be billed at the normal rate ($50/hr).


  • Additional Songs
  • iTunes Listing
  • Stand Alone Website
  • Custom Myspace Design
  • T-Shirts
  • Other Textiles
  • Art/Photo
  • Duplication/Replication

Additional Songs
Songs additional to those included in the package can be added to the project. Extra mix-downs (such as radio edits, which cost less) can be priced on a case-by-case basis.

iTunes Listing
Being listed on iTunes projects a professional image to the world. Plus, you'll earn back the cost of listing your music within the first 10 album sales. All profits from iTunes sales will be sent to you by mail, paypal or wire transfer.

Stand Alone Website
Your Myspace profile acts as a virtual press kit, and can be very effective at keeping in touch with your fans, and showing people what you have to offer. But what if you want to have more content than just a couple pictures, 4 songs, and a bio? A full fledged Website, with a dot com web address lets you give your fans those buddy icons, desktop backgrounds, free downloads, etc; not to mention, you'll be able to get

Custom Myspace Design
Catch the eye of booking agents, friends, and potential fans with a professionally designed myspace profile; includes artwork and photography.

Nobody notices the merch table with of a couple of homemade CDs and a bag of black and white buttons. Get T-shirts made! Have your designs printed on multiple colors and sizes. The shirts consist of a variety of styles such as girl’s tank tops, and girl’s T’s, so give your fans the style they want, with no extra cost for you.

Other Textiles
Don't just set up a café press account, it makes things expensive and hard to get for your fans. Get your logo printed on all kinds of textiles to compliment your merch table. These include tote bags, hats, canvas patches, and other .

We encourage bands to produce some or all of the artwork displayed on musical works, but some things require assistance. It can be very helpful to have a professional photographer take pictures. Friends are often quick to commit to such tasks but slow to complete them. Our photographers will get your photo shoot done and work with the artwork designers involved to get your project done quickly and efficiently.

CD Manufacturing prices depend on quantity, color scheme, artwork, type of jewel case, booklet, barcode, etc. Please contact us for quote.


Check Out Our Payment Options.

Basic Album Package$1640
iTunes ListingFREE!
Additional Song+ $250
Custom Myspace DesignFREE!
Stand Alone Website+ $350
Art/Photo+ $250
100 T-Shirts+ $400
Other TextilesContact Us
Duplication/ReplicationContact Us

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Vincent DePierro - (631) 560 - 7379


Check out the Downloads page, for examples of our work.

MP3 Hosting

MP3 Hosting is ideal for sharing your music with friends, family, and fans.

Just paste a simple link on your myspace, website, or directly into an e-mail.